Bite Box (Limited Edition)

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 There are only 30 available .The new Hand Embellished Damsels within will only be sold in the box and will not be reproduced once the boxes have sold out,  ( they will ship between 12/13 -12/16). . Box will include;

*⭐️4 5"x7" hand embellished Plaque Prints ( there will not be  anymore of these 5"x7" Hand Embellished versions of these Damsels offered)

🌙 4, 3" vinyl stickers ( exclusive to box)

⭐️ New Damsel Collectable paper back book full of Damsels

1 collectable Keychain made by yours truly of one of the new damsels ( exclusive to box)

4 Damsel postcards, 4"x6"